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Self Love

It’s the season of looooooooove! Yep, Valentine’s Day is upon us. Whether you love the love holiday or think it’s all about Hallmark, there is no escaping the pink hearts and chocolate Personally, I love any reason to celebrate love and have a little chocolate! And let’s be honest, at least here in New England, […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Here we are a couple of weeks into the New Year…a time when so many resolutions come crashing down. Many of my clients seek me out after they “failed” their New Year’s resolution to lose weight and fell off the “diet wagon”. Ugh what a not fun way to start a year!! How about instead […]


The holidays always seem to get a bad rap regarding food and weight gain. Everyone is eager to do the next best diet on January 1st after “overindulging” all December long. Ugh. What a vicious cycle to put yourself through every year!! What if you decided to enjoy the season and NOT diet in January? […]

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